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The 14 Best Porn Websites for Lesbians. No long fingernails. No pretending to enjoy it. Simply girls who seem like they like to connect with girls.

The 14 Best Porn Websites for Lesbians. No long fingernails. No pretending to enjoy it. Simply girls who seem like they like to connect with girls.

There is a huge amount of lesbian porn on the web, but the majority from it could be the “Oh, what is this? A vagina? I have never seen one of these brilliant before! I would ike to place my acrylic that is long nail it. ” sort and also you’re like, “Nope. No. Please stop. ” asked lesbians and intercourse professionals (and yes, ourselves) to find the best porn internet sites which will really switch on homosexual ladies (and not simply horny dudes who would like to view girls carefully flick one another’s nipples).

1. Pink Label television

Price: Basic Arrange (lease movies, Buy Films for Streaming Library)$25 a thirty days, or $120 for per year

Pink Label television is without doubt my personal favorite porn site that is netflix-esque. It really isn’t lesbian sex-exclusive, however the web web site specifically notes that “queer, trans and individuals of color, in addition to older people and individuals with disabilities” make its community up, so might there be a wide range of representational movies for the viewing pleasure. Charge your dildo and flick through groups like Splash Zone: damp Ejaculation, Queer Porn Vanguards, and also the Feminist Porn Gaze and cue up some standout offerings like In Berlin, Snapshot as well as the Lust Garden show.

2. Indie Porn Revolution

Price: 10 times for $10 bucks, Or all access membership for $20 per month

Indie Porn Revolution bills itself “The Longest operating Queer Porn web web Site ever sold” and boasts not only a deep movie vault but picture sets and a web log also. The website is trans-friendly, prioritizes arousal before sex, and makes all-inclusive casting a part of these objective.

3. Aorta Films

Price: $9 or above monthly Patreon pledge (complete Access)

Their objective declaration is obvious: “AORTA films makes queer, feminist cinema: lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. ” just What started in 2012 being a Valentine’s Day photoshoot is becoming a sexual and innovative cinematic powerhouse. At Aorta Films you can view rapturous, imaginative, and incredibly, extremely cinema that is sexy around queer individuals in most their glory over the spectrums of sex and identification. As being a backer that is monthly Patreon you assist maintain every moan caught on film.

4. Crash Pad

Expense: $25 per month

This beloved queer porn website features lots of strap-on play, full-length films, and smaller episodes, and in addition includes live-streaming video clip through the group of their porn shoots. Videos consist of full-on crazy orgies to a girl whom sleeps together with her employer to a lot of queer females sitting around dealing with intercourse as dramatic reenactments perform. Your website has also plenty of various human body kinds, races, and gender presentations represented, that will be a huge turn-on.

5. Lesbian Sex Just

Expense: Free

First, it’s called Lesbian Intercourse just, and that means you’re assured to see zero dudes, so praise fingers on this 1. Exactly what i enjoy about any of it web web site is it is simply photos and GIFs of women who truly seem like they are enjoying sex that is having other ladies, that is unusual. One other plus part is the fact that it is not simply sex. Sometimes it is females masturbating or ladies pressing one another’s nipples, generally there’s types of one thing for all right right here.

Expense: Free

The videos we view on Redtube are very well done, don’t possess cheesy soundtracks (if any such thing, the songs was actually pretty awesome), as well as the girls really look super involved with it and like they most likely already have sex with feamales in real world (huge bonus). Plus, we saw the usage of double-sided dildos and fisting, each of that are a cry that is far the “girls carefully pressing tongues” videos plenty of web web sites have actually. For a free website, pretty solid.

7. Queerporn. TV

Price: $32 each month.

The range of gender presentations and races (a lot of websites are pretty much just slender-bodied femme white girls, which is fine but it’s not everything), transgender performers, and prevalence of girls fucking girls with strap-ons is much higher, so I’ve really got to give it up for the diversity here while these videos definitely have a more DIY vibe. Many various things and individuals are sexy and also this web site really attempts to protect as much of the things that you can. That is hot.

8. Lick Her Pussy Day-to-day

Expense: Free

I love this Tumblr a great deal, but We just offered it a 3 because sometimes you will see guys heading down on females, if your ultimate goal would be to never ever see guys ever in porn, We respect that and alert you consequently. We shall state We seldom when have experienced a penis on this website and far when I can inform, it’s mainly girl-on-girl action over males taking place on women. Essentially, it is simply a site that is great of women getting dental from mostly ladies (and sometimes males) and it is fantastic.

9. Juicy Pink Box

Expense: $3 for a three-day test.

Listed here is another site that does a fairly good work with sex and racial diversity, and everybody really appears like they truly are happy to be sex that is having. JPB even offers a few series that is chinalovecupid tips specific Australian beginners, intimate moments occurring in resort rooms, therapist workplaces, taxis, and confession stands, and others. If you are searching for a rather certain intercourse situation, this is a good place to begin.

10. X Confessions

Price: Two free movies and free trailers; compensated account starting at $19.99.

Theoretically this is simply not a site that is lesbian-sex-only but this audience confession-inspired porn web site continues to be certainly one of my favorites over the board. Any less than straight people like watching queer porn for starters, apart from the fact that they do have a lesbian porn section, there’s nothing that says lesbians don’t like to watch feminist straight porn. Plus, you can find lesbian intercourse audience confessions, which read like small erotica stories that are short. However if you are looking for straight-up movie (and who could blame you), you’ll find a reasonable amount of brilliantly shot and produced girl-on-girl porn everything that is featuring dreams of the lesbian threesome to masturbating along with your feminine roomie’s adult toy while imagining her utilizing it. The videos appear to be art household flicks that may additionally get you off. Web web web Site creator Erika Lust is the better.

11. Pornhub Lesbian

Expense: Free

Yeah, PornHub is a basic site, but in accordance with their data, folks are keen on their lesbian content than just about virtually any kind of porn. It looks like they have paid awareness of that and put more curation to their content that is lesbian than content. You can find also tales within these people. Yes, one we saw had been about a woman playing a scary film for a lady whom hates frightening movies after which coming on to her whenever she got afraid but hey, a plot line is just a plot line.

12. Fat Girl Dreams

Expense: One for $30 month.

This website is run because of the exact same individuals who brought you Queerporn. TV, Courtney problem, and influential plus-size porn celebrity April Flores. It isn’t 100 % queer, but it is absolutely queer-sex-heavy. Your website features mostly videos plus-size females heading down for each other, making use of dildos, and fingering one another, and gets lots of movie movie movie stars simply for being so damn big-girl-positive.

13. Good Dyke Porn

Expense: $20 when it comes to month that is first ten dollars a thirty days from then on

Good Dyke Porn is rather simple. You go through the photos that are still the porn you need to see, key in your login information, plus it downloads straight (no bookmarking necessary, which will be cool). The porn is homemade-documentary-style and claims it is designed to re capture “true closeness” with females and gender-variant people. Among the videos we viewed had been mostly two different people referring to their sex identities, after which one of these striking one other with a whip after which biting her, after which both of those giggling about intercourse. It really is like viewing regular intercourse in a means, which can be either your thing or it isn’t, but I applaud it to be very different than actually other things I saw.

14. Girlfriends Movies

Expense: $29.95 each month

The v Are You scared of the Dark? Porn. The main one we viewed ended up being a number of ladies conversing with a priest about how precisely lesbian intercourse is incorrect then later on within the movie, all of those other females looking to get one another to acknowledge they truly are into girls. The plot is cheesy and bizarre, and also the intercourse is certainly not.

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